Saturday, December 5, 2015

From a former Claims Counsel Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

Good morning,
I just stumbled onto your blog.  I used to work at this crap hole.  
95% of the claims attorneys are trying to do the right thing, but road blocks are put in their path at every turn.  It appears, from my experience, that the minute the attorney figures out how to do the job and jump through the hoops effectively, or grows a spine they are terminated. 
I'm so sick of trying to explain my termination in 'nice' terms (don't bad mouth a past employer to a potential employer) when the truth is I was terminated because I was making more than the first year grads and told my manager he was wrong and I wasn't going to do what I was told. The minute I started doing my job instead of doing what I was told my days were numbered.  And I can't say anything about it because it's 'sour grapes' due to the fact I was fired. 
Don't really have a point to my email, other than commiseration. 
My response: 
I agree with you as every claims attorney I spoke to at the beginning (like the Title Officer who opened the claim) thought that Fidelity had made an error that was costly for me.  Unfortunately as the claim was processed it became apparent that they were going to need to pay me a lot of money so from that point forward everything was done to lessen the credibility of my claim.
So yes, I believe that 95% at least started their employment with good intentions.
It is unfortunate that it appears that the conflict between representing the client and their insurance needs rather than the bottom line of the company becomes in my opinion a loss for the client.