Friday, September 20, 2013

Gag Orders and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

Well I believe that communication is finally starting to take affect.  In addition to this blog now having been read by tens of thousands of people and that number is growing every day........... I now have a new statistic to keep track of!!

Two people who contacted me while their cases/claims were still active have settled with Fidelity National Title.  And the good news for this blog is that in both cases they were offered substantially more money by signing a gag order - that is an agreement to not discuss the particulars of their case - than if they did not.  Needless to say I did not press them for more information - their communication was merely a thank you and stating they could no longer participate by telling their stories.

So although we cannot all benefit from their experiences other than what may already be posted on this blog - the good news is apparently (hopefully) Fidelity National Title is starting to listen and perhaps - just perhaps - is treating their clients with more respect than I feel they treated me.