Sunday, July 20, 2014

Is Fidelity National Title "Interested in their own bottom line and not honoring the claims of the insured"??

"Interested in their own bottom line and not honoring the claims of the insured" is the title of a post dated Dec. 9, 2013 by a former Associate Claims Counsel with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company from  This post describes my experience and opinion of what happened to me exactly.

"Pros - The majority of the staff begin wanting to help the claimants and work very hard."

"Cons - As the claims progress it becomes apparent that they company's loyalty is not to the insured but to the stockholder's bottom line so it was difficult for me from an ethical viewpoint."

"Advice to Senior Management - Get an ethical viewpoint and serve the insured and not the stockholders. I was made to accept appraisals that I knew did not represent the loss to the claimant but rather benefited Fidelity National Title and was instructed to do so by senior management. And in one case it was discovered that we were completely in error to the detriment of the insured as I was instructed to disguise this fact with using legal terms that were very difficult to understand. I finally had to quit as I had a problem knowing that I was not representing the insured claimants in a fair and ethical manner."

I am going to break this down with specific examples in my claim/lawsuit against Fidelity National Title but I wish I knew who this person was as he/she would be a wonderful asset in helping to further disclose how claims are handled - or not handled - by Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.