Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kreise Enderle Attorneys at Law

After one of my reader's posts this afternoon on this law firm handling 150 cases a year for Fidelity National Title,  I went searching on the internet and found this information on Kreise Enderle Attorneys at Law:

Insurance defense
In our comprehensive insurance defense practice, we represent clients including:
Automobile insurance carriers in no-fault coverage disputes and motor vehicle negligence claims
General liability insurers in premises liability and general liability claims

Title companies in real estate disputes and title claims
Our insurance defense attorneys provide effective strategies to reduce your claim costs.  

Whenever I read things like this it always raises questions.  First, what exactly is "comprehensive insurance defense practice"??
It does say specifically that they represent Title Companies (such as Fidelity National Title Insurance Company I assume) in real estate disputes and title claims.  Am I correct in my understanding that they represent Fidelity and not the insured??  And is this with third party disputes and claims?  And, if so, why would they then not represent the insured??
"Our insurance defense attorneys provide effective strategies to reduce your claims costs."
 Oh boy.  Am I reading this correctly that Kreise Enderle's job is to reduce the claims costs by coming up with a strategy to not pay claims????
It sure does not look with these statements that they are looking out for the interests of the insured - but rather looking out for the interest of the person employing them - their client - the title company.  Or am I reading this incorrectly??