Thursday, August 22, 2013

Should you use Fidelity National Title ????

Dear Ann, I came across your blog after doing a search for Nancy Vantassel - her name was on a long list of individuals that appear to be involved in your case. I am extremely concerned after reading something briefly about your complaints regarding an easement, etc. We are in contract with a property with an easement (and judgments to enforce the easement) and Nancy Vantassel at Fidelity was able to get a us a clean title when First American Title would not. I am of course concerned about the reliability of this title company (and whether they will continue to provide clean titles in the future) and wonder what I should do next - walk away from this perfect property (great even with easements) or inquire with a different title company after the all the concerns you have raised! Without title insurance, we can't get a loan . . . Any thoughts, advice, or other title company's would be so helpful to know at this time. Many thanks. Best regards,

"My advise would be - if you love the property - buy it.  But definitely sit down with the title officer - where is the property??  I would talk to the most senior person you possibly can who works for Fidelity.  Be firm and honest and tell them about this blog.  I have heard from many people (all of which feel that Fidelity did not adequately represent them) and in almost all instances it is about easements.

So get everything - absolutely everything - in writing from them.  Accept no verbal communication.  Let them know that you are extremely concerned about how they are actually going to "insure" you in the future."