Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reviewing the Claim denied by Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

As the letter I was sent was not addressed to me but it is what I would expect - a litany of "legal" reasons as to why the claim will not be paid. It is unfortunate that claims are actually not processed by claims processor who is interested in the client rather than an attorney representing and looking out for the interests of Fidelity and legal ways to avoid paying claims.

Hi Cherry and Rebeca,

Here is the original email that I received from the Walkers and I have read your letter dated January 27, 2015. It does sound to me reading your letter that there is a confusion as to whether or not the Walkers fully understood the error and signed the amended statement and this might warrant further investigation on your part.

Ann Zollinger
Former Fidelity National Title Insurance Company client