Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company sent me a copy of the Claim Denial

Good afternoon,
Please see the attached letter from Cherry Kolb, Associate Claims Counsel.

Thank you,

Beca Frausto
Legal Assistant
Fidelity National Title Group/Omahas Claims Center
211 S 7th Street, Suite 210/Omaha, NE 68106
P: 402.498.7566 F: 402.498.7897

Hi Rebeca,

First, I apologize for the delay in responding to your email.  I am not sure why I was sent this letter as I am just what I believe to be a victim of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and I started a blog to chronicle my personal experience and I have been contacted by so many others who feel the same way. But here is my email to your client:
Dear James,
As I am only writing a blog on my experience with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and am including the experiences of others - I will be happy to post your dilemma on my blog so that other readers can see and perhaps understand your problem.  But I do not believe I can do anything more than this to assist you with your predicament but I believe Mr. David Saag can so I am copying him on this email.

Here is his contact information:

David Saag
SVP/Senior Claims Counsel
2111 South 67th Street
Suite 210
Omaha NE 68106
402 498-7021

Good luck with your situation!!


But - thank you for sending me this letter. I will read it carefully and hopefully this will assist me in writing a new blog post. I am though not sure why you sent it to me? I do have a strong viewpoint of FNTIC as a claim was filed on my behalf by a Fidelity Title Officer and then I discovered that a Claims Counsel is truly not there to assist the client (me) but rather to represent Fidelity legally and in my opinion to come up with every excuse possible to not pay the claim. And I hear this repeatedly over and over again. But I am just a former Fidelity client with a negative opinion of your company and especially the claims department.

So if you need my response - please let me know.

Ann Zollinger