Friday, August 28, 2015

Facebook page Complaints against Fidelity National Title Group

I will be documenting my story about this company. I urge others to read this. My goal is to inform the public and state law makers of how this company treats its policyholders when theres a claim. Stand by for the story.

Ann, I don't remember where we were in terms of correspondence but finally after seven years I've made significant progress. I believe what turned things in my favor was that after numerous complaints to the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) they called a meeting in NYC and Fidelity was represented by two attorneys and I represented myself? The purpose was to address my numerous complaints in person. subsequent to the meeting, Fidelity withdrew the OSC to withdraw they attorneys and allowed me to select my own attorney ( which they agreed to pay). My new attorney prepared and established a trial date which none of the previous Fidelity appointed attorneys seemed to be able to do( or in my opinion did not want to do). As the court date came closer we managed to reach an equitable settlement ... Actually the settlement was reach in front of the trial judge as the case was about to start.

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8/25, 6:18pm

Ann, after 8+ years my case was settled. However, I had to hire my own attorney, (the second one) which got my case on the court calendar for trial. On the first day of trial (which both my attorney and I were sure we were going to win, a settlement was reached ... In short, my title and survey were agreed were correct, my property returned, and I received a financial settlement. In my opinion, the keys to my success were my attorney (who was honest and competent), the fact that my formal complaints and subsequent meeting with the NYSDFS ( the Insurance Department ... Who chaired a meeting with myself and Fidelity attorneys at their offices) and the fact that we started the trial of the case before a judge.

8/25, 6:18pm

Good luck with your efforts

8/25, 6:39pm

Wow - finally a success story. I wish I had been able to financially hold out for 8 years and have some satisfaction but alas my great satisfaction is by blog and I will enter all of this if not tonight tomorrow.

My own success ended up financially a disaster but I feel I have some compensation by now having reached over 25,000 people and have been able to help numerous people with their actions against Fidelity National Title.

I even heard that one person was able to settle but part of the agreement was to not communicate with me so that I would not be able to blog about it!!!

I am so thrilled to hear your news!