Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why am I doing this?

Years have now passed since I was involved in my disastrous claim with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company so even I am asking why do I continue to work on this blog.

Being involved in a claim with Fidelity National Title is in my opinion a route to disappointment and being treated like the enemy rather than the person insured - at least this was my experience.  And I continue to hear from individuals who feel the same way.

Even though I was the insured and the claim was opened by Fidelity on my behalf as soon as it became apparent that the error was completely theirs and the settlement would be substantial the claim was denied and I became the enemy rather than the insured.

I did prevail and got a meager settlement after I gave up the fight.  Two years of the equivalent of working full time not to mention investing thousands of dollars as a single mom needing to support my children being confronted with many more years and thousands of dollars needing to be invested (in deposing at very high rates their employees in Nebraska, the appraiser in Idaho and the local California "expert" witness at $500 an hour) or settle for approximately 10% of the loss which after paying the attorney and all of the expenses (not to mention my time which was thousands of hours) I was in my opinion literally forced to settle.


Although since I have started this blog I have been told by others that they did get a better settlement than originally offered but had to agree to not discuss it (and two implied specifically not with me).

I recently sold my home and I took the tiny stand refusing to have the escrow handled by Fidelity.

So why do I continue to write this blog?  To warn people that insuring your property with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company that this is only to benefit the bottom line of their stockholders and may not (likely not in my opinion) insure your property in the event their is a title problem - especially if it involves an error made by Fidelity in their work.