Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Did Fidelity Fail to Live Up to the Terms of the Contract?

I recently read an article of someone who was found guilty of liable for accusing a company of criminal wrong doing by using terms such as "scam", "con-artist" and "robs".

I believe I have carefully avoided accusing Fidelity National Title Insurance Company of criminal wrong doing.  As a matter of fact considering the level of legal training of the Claims Counsels (all appear to be lawyers) it is highly unlikely that they are doing something against the law.

But does this make what they are doing ethical?  If by insuring a property contractually and then failing to live up to the terms of the contract and using every power within their legal and financial means which appear to be substantial they force one (here speaking for myself) to actually sue them when they do fail to live up to the terms of the contract and then wear one down trying to collect on the insurance - is this acting in good faith and ethically.

I personally think not and this is the reason I began and continue to write this blog.  Indeed Buyer Beware.  My experience is that Fidelity does not live up to the terms of their own contract and the consumer is the only one that loses.