Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Analysis of this Blog and my Claim against Fidelity National Title

I began this blog to discuss and explain my negative experience with having a claim filed on my behalf by a title officer from Fidelity National Title.  I have used it to vent, to examine, to discover and to learn how Fidelity National Title covers claims or in my case fails to cover claims. 

Much of what I have carefully quoted is from documents from Fidelity National Title and/or its employees and from these I have generated many questions.  I have had people contact me who have also had huge problems with settling claims with Fidelity National Title (and I confess I have not had one person contact me with anything positive to say about the claims department of Fidelity.)

I did have one reader send me a PDF to a scholarly (as opposed to emotional) report generated for the California Insurance Commissioner written by Birny Birnbaum entitled An Analysis of Competition in the California Title Insurance and Escrow Industry.

It is lengthy but very interesting reading and over the next few blogs I will discuss different aspects of this report.