Friday, June 7, 2013

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Ripoff Report

"Fidelity National Title sells title insurance policies and then collect the premiums, but refuse to pay any claims.
For almost 2 years we have been trying to negotiate a settlement on 3 claims with Fidelity National Title and they have continued to pass our claims from lawyer to lawyer within the company; one claim in particular moving between more than 10 lawyers over 2 years and it still hasn't been settled.

In all cases the title searches provided by Fidelity National Title were found out to be wrought with errors, causing us to lose our investments. The purpose of the title insurance is to guarantee the title policy search provided by Fidelity National Title (which were all incorrect) yet they refuse to settle the claims.
Fidelity National Title continues to blame the customer for the erroneous title report as the reason for non-payment of the claim.

After seeing the claim-settling process from Fidelity National Title in action, it is our feeling that this behavior is intentional and deliberate; an attempt on Fidelity's part to exhaust claimants and get them to walk away."