Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another Fidelity National Title Claim, Another Problem

Hi Ann,

Very sorry to read about your dealings with FNT.  Thank you for posting your blog.   I am going through a somewhat similar process.  Mine is a black & white encroachment issue which FNT first denied the majority of, then reconsidered and accepted full responsibility.  Subsequently the claims counsel refuses to pay my monthly carrying costs for an unusable vacant property while they try to resolve it with the neighbor.  After 9 months of grief, FNT offered me 50% of the insured loss, take it or leave it, which would mean a loss of $80k to me.

I filed a complaint with the CA insurance commissioner, who in essence said they have no power to do anything and to hire an attorney.
My first question, did you ever get a response from your 6/13 letter to Roger Jewkes?  
Secondly, if you had to do it over again, what would you advise?

 Thank you,

I am going to post what you wrote anonymously (somewhat) on my blog - and this is starting to have an effect.

Here is what I feel and believe but it is my opinion.  The bottom line is that they will do everything they possibly can to NOT pay you and NOT pay you fairly but if you choose to sue it is a long and costly process.  When you go to depose their employees and consultants they are all over the country and their "experts" depose at $500 plus expenses.  The legal department of Fidelity in my opinion has no scruples whatsoever.
And I believe they dislike my blog.  There were two people I was communicating regularly with and they all of a sudden disappeared so I believe that they settled but part of it was a gag order.  When I finally settled they forgot to put that in the agreement. So I would use this.  Please feel free to tell them that you have been in contact with me and we are going to start posting a blow by blow of your process and see if this does not help to get them to step up to the plate.  (Feel free to share this email.)  It is too late for me but if they do not want pay you for your loss perhaps they will pay you to keep your mouth shut!!!!