Saturday, December 6, 2014

Once Again It Appears that Fidelity National Title is Doing Its Best to Not Pay Claims

Hi Ann,

            Thanks for your latest 2 e-mails.  I have spoken to Mr. Saag & copied him before.  IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) he is part of the problem.  He tried to “steal” the encroached property from XXXXX for $10k which was insulting and absurd by any measure.  They investigated and came back with a minimum of $55k which IMHO is about right.  Saag also told me he has 130 attorneys working for him handling claims in the Western Division.  What does that tell you?


            I did hear back from the associate counsel yesterday.  They claim their appraisal is correct which indicates the property does not abut a “xxxxxxx” enhancement and the XXXXXXXX assessor is incorrect when he claims it abuts a xxxxxx.  The assessor personally knows the property, has lived there all his life, and is intimately familiar with my case.  The subject property abuts a xxxxxx, is shown on the TI map on a named stream, and the TI policy extensively covers the fact that it abuts the xxxxxx in its exceptions.  Just further evidence of their delay tactics shrouded by ignorance.


            Since associate counsel and Saag are continuing to communicate with me, I will respond to them covering the above one more time to give them the opportunity to resolve matters before I tell them I will be posting on your blog.  So far they have not released their appraisal to me.


 I will keep you posted.  Thanks again for your assistance.           

I am editing this post at this time as the author is still in the middle of attempting to get Fidelity National Title to do their job and insure his property.