Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Continuing Saga of another Fidelity Claimant and David Saag

Hi Ann,
 Thanks for the response.  Since I sent you my e-mail, I have been corresponding with the associate claims counsel’s supervisor,  He has been responsive but continues to avoid resolving my case anytime soon with the normal run around, legal speak, etc.  I am currently waiting for a “promised” update on their negotiations with XXXX who owns the encroached upon property and an explanation why their (FNT’s) appraisal of my property is “admittedly” erroneous.  I will give him one more week then tell him I am going to start posting my experience on your blog.  It will be a year in December since I filed my claim, with no carrying cost reimbursement or progress of any sort.  Clearly a deny and delay strategy.
Thank you for your support and blog offer.  I will keep you apprised of the events as they unfold.
Here is the person who responded to all of my top of the ladder letters:
David Saag
SVP/Chief Claims Counsel
Omaha Claims Center
2111 South 67th Street Suite 210
Omaha  68106
402 498-7021
I would copy him on everything.