Friday, December 7, 2012

The First Claims Counsel with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

First, although I am identifying the Claims Counsel as being with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company - I am not totally certain if this is the correct of the three affiliated companies. I am now aware that there are multiple affiliated companies - the one company I have not been able to identify that one person that I have dealt with works for is Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

At any rate I spoke was assigned to my first Claims Counsel in Walnut Creek, California on October 29, 2008.  In our conversation it ended with he was going to research on getting the easements back and he wrote to the title officer who had discovered the error, "Since she's trying to sell the property, and needs the claim resolved first, (and we apparently have a long professional history with her) I'm going to be sure to keep this on, or near, the front burner."

Well, I do not think I stayed on his front burner for long as I never heard back from him on the claim.  On November 13, 2008 I was re-assigned to a new Claims Counsel in Chicago, Illinois.