Saturday, December 8, 2012

Third Claims Counsel in Omaha Nebraska- Now It is Getting Interesting

When I reached the Third Claims Counsel in Omaha Nebraska he said that he was swamped from the closing of the Chicago Office but he did ask for the names of local appraisers which I provided him with.

I was then told that an appraiser was chosen from Fidelity's list of "approved" appraisers.  Here is an email to the supervisor of the Third Claims Counsel from Boise Idaho.  He appears to be well qualified in providing Diminution in Value appraisals for title companies in a variety of states but not necessarily familiar with the Napa Valley.

The appraiser from Boise Idaho appears to be very well versed in producing an appraisal that is the lesser amount which is the "appropriate measure of damages".  My understanding of this is that it is his job as a specialist in DIV appraisals to advise the Claims Counsel in how to come up with an amount that pays the least to the insured as an "appropriate measure of damages."  Or am I reading the following email incorrectly?

And he indicates (but has never listed nor defined) the "commercial" vineyards he has appraised.  Nor does he explain what this has to do with valuing the loss of a residential easement.