Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More from Citizen for Freedom from Fidelity Fraudsters

Hello Ann,

 Thank you for getting back to me.  Yes, this really is an amazing unraveling of epic proportion that we find ourselves embroiled in.  For me personally, it has brought an entirely new meaning to how did I get here and why?  

The actions of the Fidelity executives appear to represent a shift of an epoch that is hell bent on the destruction of right relationship through the means of unabated greed and mis-aligned power.  

I believe that we must "stay calm and carry on" and not give up!     The actions that are taking place have such far reaching implications for future generations of the entire species.  The executive board members and leadership associated with Fidelity seemingly are in the business of "Human Capital Resources”.   That is a frightening reality if they succeed.  

Obviously, the great lengths the company has gone to intimidate and mutilate the fabric of trust and honor would indicate that Fidelity National Financial has fallen into the belief that they are "too big to fail."  However, that particular strategy has already been used on the people many times and it always ends the same, civilization after civilization.       

I replied to your blog posted on the July 4, 2013 as Citizen for Freedom from the Fidelity Fraudsters

If you would like to exchange ideas and methods to move forward please let me know.  I am currently in discussion with several firms on next steps for not only on my personal case, but also for a much larger venue.  

I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.