Thursday, July 4, 2013

$300,000 and Still Battling with Fidelity National Title

I have had more people contacting me with more problems with their title reports - and the thing, for example, here that I do not understand.  I thought that it was Fidelity's job to represent their clients in title issues with the other parties in items like undisclosed easements.  I have not had a chance to speak to this individual yet as I was out of town on business so I do not know the entire story.  But he is not the first person to spend multiple thousands of dollars in trying to protect his property rights.  I know that I could have continued on with my fight but I could not afford to do so with the tremendous loss I experienced over the loss of my easement and the loss of marketability of my property.  And as with this individual - I would not have purchased my property with an accurate title report.
Hi Ann, I have been reading your Blog.
I to am having serious issue with Fidelity. In 2009 we learned of an Easement that was not included on our Title Report. 4 years later and to a cost of about 300,000 we have lost and now are in Arbitration with Fidelity as they never disclosed this Easement. As such we would not have purchased our home.
Anyway I would love to talk with you just to compare notes etc..
Please let me know if that might be ok.
Warm regards,