Thursday, July 11, 2013

Will I put the matter with Fidelity National Title to rest?? Hell no!!!

My response to the letter from David Saag, SVP/Chief Claims Counsel - Western Region, Fidelity National Title Group:
Dear Mr. Saag,
Well to be candid I am very disappointed.  My letter to Mr. Foley and Mr. Quirk were merely an expression of my disappointment with Fidelity National Title and I never expected to get an offer from someone to actually answer my questions.  I was for the first time in years of dealing with Fidelity thrilled to receive your response.

 I did involuntarily (depending on how you define this word) agree to release Fidelity from all financial obligations in agreement for a payment I have still not received but this was due to comments (I felt threats) made by Mr. McNeeley, your attorney, and information from my own attorney on the potential costs of proceeding with the lawsuit.  I have since then heard from individuals who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits against your company and I was definitely after the huge loss I suffered from my claim not in a position to continue the fight.

As a licensed architect and real estate broker at the time of purchase, I found in the claims process I was clueless as to how title insurance worked – and even now having spent countless hours researching it – I still do not understand really how Fidelity National Title Insurance pays claims.  And I consider myself better educated in the field and above average intelligence.  I have heard from many individuals who were even less equipped than I was to file a claim.

 One of my greatest disappoints in not being able to continue with the lawsuit was not being able to find out what really happened.  What happened and why it happened that a claim opened on my behalf by one of your own title officers for the loss of a mile long easement to an estate property overlooking the prestigious Napa Valley could be valued at $0 is still a mystery to me – and I am surprised that you do not find this a little odd too.

 I do understand that from Fidelity National Title’s viewpoint my claim and lawsuit are fully resolved.  And I do understand that Fidelity National Title has no further duty nor obligation in this matter.  But please rest assured that even with the finality of your response I will not put this matter to rest.

I am dedicating myself to researching how title insurance works and how it protects (or does not protect) the consumer.  I have now heard from many individuals who have had similar experiences with Fidelity National Title and am learning a lot – and hopefully will be able to help these individuals and others in the future.  I did learn that it is extremely difficult to file a lawsuit against a company like yours as it is very difficult to resolve a claim.  You are correct you won – I lost.  And I guess you could easily – and politely – describe me as disgruntled.  Personally I am certain that a few choicer words have been used behind closed doors!!


 Ann Zollinger