Friday, February 22, 2013

Another with a similar experience with Fidelity National Title

I received a phone call today from someone who began the conversation with "I am your Number One Fan!"

I was driving part of the Sonoma Varsity Softball team to a pre-season game in Napa so had to put him on hold - but it was not easy as he so wanted to share his experience.  What I can say is at this point until I have the time to connect with him and hear his whole story (I did just call and left him a message) that I have found a kindred spirit with someone who has had a similar experience with Fidelity National Title.

When I say that I had to put him on hold - I mean that almost literally as considering the topic of conversation and my own emotional feelings about the subject - I did not feel safe driving my own and other people's children and talking about either his experience or mine with Fidelity National Title.  But LOL - it was very apparent that as I do with this blog - he has a lot to say and a need to say it.

I can hardly wait to hear his story and he suggested perhaps assembling a group of  individuals that have had a similar experience with Fidelity National Title - that there is strength in numbers.

I am not sure exactly how to put together a group so that we can maintain our privacy within the group but as soon as I finish this blog post - I will see what I can come up with.  Obviously though - finding me is not too difficult !!!!  And I certainly welcome others with a similar experience to join in the conversation.

If you do not feel comfortable writing - I am more than willing to help.  For all of you who read this - and there is an ever increasing number - I have a gift for gab and will help write for you.