Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Most Popular Posts about Fidelity National Title

I have been really busy working the last week and have not had a chance to post - plus I have been thinking about what should be my next posting topic.  So one thing that I have looked at was what has been my most popular posts - and I confess I am overwhelmed at the number of people who have visited this blog.  It is clear to me that insurance claims and in this case insurance claims with real estate property insurance companies is a topic that has great interest.  In light of this I will continue to post and research this hot topic.

My most visited post is the letter to President and CEO of Fidelity National Title William P. Foley II.  I find this very interesting and so for my next series of posts I will be researching Mr. Foley and providing as much information on him that appears to be accurate.  I should also comment that although it has been a month - not surprising - I have not received an answer from him.  I know he must be an extremely busy individual although I thought that he would have a staff that aided him in things like answering letters.  Oh well.

The next most visited post is Do Fidelity National Title Company Escrow Officers Sell Title Insurance.  A lot of this traffic comes from the discussion following this post.  But I still to some degree have the same question.  Is it really the Customer Service Representative really have the responsibility for "selling" the title insurance?  Or is it the escrow officer who receives the money on behalf of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company?  I know that I never (to my knowledge) spoke to anyone from Fidelity National Title Insurance Company about buying the title insurance so I wonder who (the actual physical person) sold me the title insurance?

And finally the next most popular post was Insurance Claims & Settlements.  This is a more generic post about insurance companies in general although I believe it is in some regards applicable to Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.  But how insurance companies settle claim - or do not settle claims - seems to be a topic of great interest and warrants more research.

Thank you again for all of your interest and I welcome anyone who has answers to the great number of questions I have posed for discussion.