Saturday, February 23, 2013

Properties owned by William P. Foley and the Foley Family

One of the things I found very interesting with my claim was that it was transferred from Walnut Creek California to Chicago and then Omaha and an appraiser from Boise Idaho was hired to value the property and the loss.

It seemed that no one who dealt with the claim was even vaguely familiar with the area.  Yet in my research of Mr. William P. Foley II and Foley Family Wines, I discovered that held in title by either Mr. Foley and his wife or Foley Family Wines is approximately half a dozen properties in Sonoma and Napa Counties.

And as I mapped out their properties (indicated with the orange arrows) I discovered that they encircle the property that was the subject of the claim.

So although Mr. Foley was not involved in the processing of my claim - there was at least one person with Fidelity National Title who I think I can assume if familiar with the area.  I wonder if he lost an almost mile long easement to one of his properties if he would think that the value was $0??  And I wonder if he had to make a title claim if he would chose Jim Gibson from Boise Idaho to compare his properties to American Canyon??  Definitely a couple of interesting questions.