Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does Fidelity National Title stay "focused on the customer"?

I read that according to a November 1992 article in California Business , Mr. Foley stated, "It takes years to get the business, one deal at a time. But once you get it, you have customers for life, as long as you treat them properly."

Per Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed.
Reference for Business to Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd e. to F-L to William P. foley II 1944-Biography

"Foley ascribed his success to one core principle: staying focused on the customer."

I began working in the real estate industry in 1992 and it was at that time that my relationship with Fidelity National Title began.  For the next ten years Fidelity was my preferred title company for my own real estate transactions and I referred dozens of clients to Fidelity National Title for their real estate transactions and to have their property protected.

So am I a customer for life?  Absolutely not.  I would never use Fidelity National Title again.

Was I treated properly?  In my opinion I do not think so.  When a claim was opened on my behalf by an employee of Fidelity I was dumped all over the country from office to office and claims counsel to claims counsel and it was finally determined by an appraiser from Boise Idaho that my Wine Country California property loss was worth nothing.  I do not believe that all of the data I went to the Claims Counsels was even read by them.

Do I feel that Fidelity National Title stayed focused on me as the customer?  Absolutely not.  I believe that the focus of the individuals that I dealt with was focused on how to not pay the claim and preserve the bottom line or profit of the company.  I do not know this for a fact but this is what I feel happened.  The one thing I can say without hesitation is that as soon as my claim was sent to the various claims offices the focus was definitely on something else besides me - the customer.

So what happened in the last 20 years?  Is Mr. Foley even aware of how his employees now treat customers if they have a claim?  Did he read my letter or did anyone who works for him read it?  (I kind of doubt it as I did not hear from him.  Plus what I wrote was not read by the various claims counsels so why would I ever imagine that this letter would be read??)

I felt that I was a valued customer as long as Fidelity National Title was taking my money and the money of my clients as premiums but I did not feel like I was a valued customer as soon as a claim was opened on my behalf by a Fidelity employee.  It appeared that as soon as some money would have to be paid to me I fell off the value wagon and remained that way through the end of the Settlement Conference.  I was made to feel that I was the one responsible for the errors made in my title and grant deed.