Saturday, March 2, 2013

Complaints Against Fidelity National Title Group on Facebook

There is really so much to say on the subject of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Company and all of the other names by which it operates.  I found these quotes very interesting and I thought I should share them.  I found this Facebook page:

Here are some quotes from the author and some of the comments posted on the page:

"In my opinion Fidelity has put it's own interest and profitability before the interest of it's policyholder (me). This is totally contrary to the requirements stated in insurance law regarding insurance companies dealing fairly with policyholders and putting their interest before those of their policyholders."

"Another suggestion for a marketing slogan: 'Buy Title Insurance from Fidelity ... Remember it's really our money ... nobody here really cares about you but we admit we like your money a lot ... that's really all we care about"

"Maybe the executive performance bonus is based on how many policyholders did you 1) deny their claim; 2) appoint one our 'secret attorneys' who'll be sure to look out for our interest before theirs 3) shut them up with a cease and desist letter 4) cover-up by lying to a state agency 5) other"

"In my opinion and based on my experience, the company marketing phrase should be " Buy Title Insurance from Fidelity ... when you need us we'll first deny your claim and maybe then we'll give 'one or our attorneys from the stable' who'll watch our back not yours ... we're Fidelity your money is ours and don't care about anything else."

"We have had a valid claim in with them for years, went to a jury trial and during the trial they tried to say they are not an insurance company and have NO DUTY to research nor disclose any defects nor leins on someones property. They are the biggest fraud. They also tried to use the "poor us" excuse for sending our file all over the united states in an effort to delay. They have the money and will fight anybody even if they have a valid claim just so they do not have to pay. There lawyers are rude and ignorant. What I heard is they all drink the kool aid and have the mind set that they are untouchable... I hate this company and wish that the government would really look into the bad ethic practices they preach."

"I agree with you, this company is very dishonest. Found a lien on our property after COE and they denied our claim. The lawyer they had investigate our claim was rude, unprofessional and completely ignores my request to send me proof. Talked to their so called VP and same thing, excuses after excuses. Thought title insurance companies were suppose to help homeowners, not make matters worse. Need to figure out our next move."