Saturday, March 9, 2013

Did Fidelity National Title Act in Good Faith? #7

·         Attempts to use indiscriminate measures, reference and/or procedures that diminish or reduce the top line amount or value representing full payment of the claim.
·         Utilization and/or development of deceptive insurer schemes or use of outside company services set up or conducted to carry out the same false pretense schemes (i.e. "Independent Medical Examiner Paper Reviews") for the purpose to be able to wrongfully deny or reduce payment of claims.

Hard to say why Fidelity National Title would chose an appraiser Jim Gibson from Boise Idaho to appraise a property in Napa California except that he had "successfully" done appraisers for them before and they liked his work. Which I guess would mean that they felt he would look out for their best interests?

Of course, there were no notes provided on the conversation between Owen Girard and Jim Gibson.  I find it very odd considering so many of the claims counsels are attorneys that no one takes notes on their telephone conversations.