Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Third Letter to the California Department of Insurance

K. McMullin
State of California Department of Insurance
Consumer Services and Market Conduct Branch Consumer Services Division
300 South Spring Street, South Tower
Los Angeles Ca  90013

Request for Assistance DOI File CSB-6459678

Ann Zollinger
PO Box 1675
Glen Ellen CA  95442

October 20, 2009

Re:         Fidelity National Title Group Inc.               Policy #609514
                Claim #301056

Dear Mr./Ms. McMullin,

I am respectfully requesting your assistance in the above referenced matter.

I spoke to Mr. Hansen more than a month ago and received a letter acknowledging the conversation that the original appraisal was done incorrectly and that a new appraisal and report would be ordered.  In that conversation we also discussed that a different appraisal company needed to be retained which had accurate knowledge of the Napa Valley as opposed to the first appraiser who was from Boise, Idaho.

Since then I have written, called and e-mailed Mr. Hansen to no avail.  I have also requested assistance from my title officer with Fidelity, Debbie Shelton.  Although not in the claims department she has attempted apparently also without results to assist me as the person who in essence sold me this insurance policy.

In short, I do not feel that I should need to retain an attorney and start legal proceedings in order to collect on an insurance claim which was actually begun on my behalf by a title officer with Fidelity National Title.    There is absolutely no dispute on either side as to the validity of this claim – only the amount of damages.  As it is my belief and I have provided evidence to Fidelity of a fairly substantial amount of damages, this appears as we have well exceeded a year that this is a deliberate move to not pay the claim as insured.

Thank you for your help and assistance with this matter and I look forward to its quick resolution.

Ann Zollinger

cc.  Jeff Hansen, Fidelity National Insurance
       Debbie Shelton, Fidelity National Insurance