Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Incredibly Long Conversation about Fidelity National Title

Well I conversed on the topic of Fidelity National Title last night with my new "friend" - until the battery died on my cell phone.

At this point I cannot discuss details of what Fidelity National Title is (or more rightly described - is NOT) doing in their case as they are still in the middle of it but other than the details of the claim their experience with Fidelity National Title is incredibly similar to mine.

Here is what I can say.  Fidelity National Title, of course, denied at first they had a claim.  After a long battle instigated and fought by the insured they now have a claim but as with mine numerous claims agents all over the country (we even have one in common - surprise surprise) and a prolonged battle.  And their claim goes on...... and on..... and on.

Their experience (as was mine) is that the claims counsel's job is not to settle the claim to the benefit of the insured but is to protect Fidelity National Title's bottom line.  Or at least that it the way it appears.

A lot of our conversation centered around how do we reach other current or former clients that were insured by Fidelity National Title who experienced or are experiencing a similar claim handling situation to what we experienced as we are all right now just individuals commenting on our experiences with Fidelity National Title.  United we can combine our skills and information and then determine the best action to take - not for financial gain but really to expose that if one purchases title insurance from Fidelity National Title - is your property really insured?

As this is a national company - is their a government agency besides the individual state Departments of Insurance or the state's Attorney General?  What agency? Does anyone have any experience with how to begin a national campaign???