Friday, March 29, 2013

More from the New Unhappy Fidelity Customer

Two of the people who have contacted me are still in the middle of what appears to be ordeals also with Fidelity National Title Company or Fidelity National Insurance Company.  As they are still involved I am keeping their names private.  The person who contacted me this morning I am very concerned about because she is having title search issues.

My fear obviously even if she thinks that these issues are resolved - as in my case - they may not be and she will be very sorry in the future to learn that making a claim with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company is a long and painful and in the end worthless process.  Looking back at four years of fighting with them the pittance of money I received barely paid for expenses and maybe about 10 cents an hour.  A total waste of time and money.  So the only thing I can say - is that if she wants "insurance" - well I would never insure a property with Fidelity again - ever. 

"The link you provided got me to your blog, and what a complicated, financial mess they caused. I read reviews on First American Title, who also had some bad reviews, nothing like Fidelity, though. I think those are the only two title companies around here for us to use. If we have to move the escrow, then First American is what we'd be using. I'll keep you posted on events."

"Just give me a week or so when escrow closes, then I will give a final description of what occurred. I believe in putting the bad businesses online so no one else has to go through the misery their former victims suffered. I appreciate your leaving off my name.
One of the Realtors had already suggested transferring the escrow to First American Title, but still trying to work this out."