Friday, April 19, 2013

And Yet Another Claim Against Fidelity National Title

I heard from another individual today -  a phone call this time.

This individual has had a similar experience to mine with fighting Fidelity National Title to get them to honor their claim including multiple claims counsels and filing having to file a long and costly lawsuit.  Fortunately though unlike myself they have the funds to fight for what they feel is right against a huge corporation.  They are basically going to win or go down fighting.

Needless to say I cannot discuss specifics of their case like a couple of others as it might jeopardize their cases.  But I am going to be providing them with some of the more interesting documents that I received from Fidelity National Title that might help their case.  And I have offered to make myself available to assist them in any way possible.

It is important to me that even if I cannot afford to prove in court that Fidelity National Title did not honor my insurance policy - I can at least help others who can afford to fight the fight - hopefully win their cases.