Sunday, April 21, 2013

Starting to get a Larger Group of Individuals Who Feel that They were not insured by Fidelity National Title

As people contact me - I am writing about as much as I can without jeopardizing an ongoing case or claim:

I have only had one conversation with him.  And I do not know any of the details but they have been thru XXXX claims counsels - similar to my claim and also since 20XX.  They have like you spent mega bucks even going to Omaha to depose one of the counsels.  Fidelity keeps throwing people at them that “know nothing.”  They are going for documents and he noticed some of the vignettes I had posted of documents that appear to be part of the processing that he has not been given.  As with the documents they produced for me - they seem to keep nothing and know nothing about the claims.  No phone logs.  No written documents - or they claim confidentiality.

 As your case is slightly different in that you were just trying to get them to represent you (which is the same as with XXXX) if you have any “confidential” or “working type” documents that might show that Fidelity has working documents that they are withholding - those might help XXXXXXXX.  He is looking for internal Fidelity type docs that he can hold up to them and say “where is this document as it relays to my case !!!”

The one thing that I am certain of is that there are more people out there who are in the process of not being “insured” by Fidelity and the more exposure we can get the better the chance we have of finding those individuals and exposing what Fidelity actually does and does not do and the better the chance that they will have to fly right and actually insure people’s interest in their real property as they state on their website.


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I'm from XXXXXXX too!

Good luck on your case.  Can't Waite to hear how it goes.  Fidelity never pays, unless a court orders them.

 Did they file first?

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