Saturday, April 13, 2013

Very Important Case Against Fidelity National Title

I received this letter.  The author is correct that unless you have big bucks you cannot fight them on damages.  This is a golden opportunity for all of us to stand together.  In order to not jeopardize the case I have X'd out the identifying information but anyone willing to help please contact me and I will put you in touch with the author.  I am definitely going to do everything I can do to help him.

I had to give up on my case because I could not afford to continue on.  But it will give me great satisfaction if I can help this person and chronicle the course of events.


Hi Ann,

I'm sorry to hear about your dealings with Fidelity.  

On XXXXXX I won a summary judgment against Fidelity National Title in XXXXXXXX District court.
I had a problem with one of my properties in XXXXXX, and filed a claim. The responded by denying the claim, and filing a law suit for declaratory relief which essential means they wanted a judge to rule they don't have to provide coverage. It's a big insurance company strategy to avoid paying claims. I was out raged at being sued for using a service I paid for. It cost me $50,000 to defend myself and preserve my rights to obtain insurance coverage. But in the end, justice prevailed! Now I have fight with them over damages.

I did some Internet searching on "Fidelity Title Sucks", "Fidelity Title Reviews" and it turns out they have a really bad reputation on paying claims and treating the employees badly. One person states they pay only 3% of all claims.

Based on this initial research I think we can prove their business model is to never pay out on a claim, and if the claim has any merit, they take an offensive position and sue, hoping the insured doesn't have the resources to defend themselves. Their thinking is something like this: We can spend $1,000,000 to pay this claim or we can take our chances in court, and hope the insured doesn't have the money to defend a lawsuit. It costs $50,000 to go to court and if we lose it only costs $1,000,000 plus our attorney fee and their attorney fees = $1,100,000. If this strategy works 9 times out of ten we're still ahead of the game. They figure their maximum exposure is the policy limits so why not gamble.

They aren't counting on punitive damages because it's so hard to prove. But today with the Internet and having screwed so many employees and customers we can interview them and find the proof we need, plus it looks like we have judge how is on our side, and gets what they are trying do.

It's like playing poker with the guy at the table who has the biggest stack of chips. He's got a pair of twos and makes a large initial raise $50k hoping the other side will just fold. We need call and raise to double the pot size. They should fold knowing we now have a pair of Kings with a potential full house against their pair of twos. Their only hope is four of a kind and the odds are stacked against them.

How's your case going against them? How many others like us are out there? We need to ban together to fight this.

Here's another guy with a similar problem: