Monday, April 22, 2013

More Support for the Lawsuits Against Fidelity National Title

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Subject: Re: Fidelity Title


Hi, Ann!

Wow!  This is really great stuff.  Just more proof that Fidelity's MO is to Deny, Delay & Distort.
Even though these cases are not all in California, I feel, when the time is right and we have more of these types of examples to use... we can submit these incidents to the CA DOI as further proof of Fidelity acting in bad faith, with their Insureds.

Ultimately, it would be nice to find a law firm who would be willing to file a class-action lawsuit (on a contingent basis) and go after these crooks.    The more of these examples we are able to obtain and the more witness we have, the stronger our case will be.

Sorry I've been rather silent lately, but I'm in the middle of fighting another matter with my creepy neighbor that has consumed much of my time. 

In the meantime....let’s all try to keep this train rolling forward!!!