Saturday, April 13, 2013

From a Fidelity National Title Employee

"Fidelity National Title Employee Review

“An unorganized nightmare of a claims center which results in constant fear for your job”

 Former Claims Counsel in Omaha, NE – Reviewed Mar 14, 2013
Pros  I had an opportunity to meet a lot of attorneys that were from different areas in the country. The majority of collegues that were not management were friendly and helpful.

Cons  The claims center is run on a culture of fear. Management fails to be transparent in how an attorney or an assistant's performance is measured. Instead, there are constant firings and layoffs without explanation. They appear to be random. People would have only positive reviews and then told during the termination meeting that suddenly they were not performing at the required level but without further explanation of what performance matrix they were not meeting. Further, management sends out the vibe that if you ask about the lay off or seen talking about that you will lose your job.
Promotions are also at random without transparency. People are just selected for a higher position without that position being announced as available or an opportunity to apply for it. Instead, it appears that current management picks their current favorites to fill the roles based on friendship and not work performance.
Management in Jacksonville, Florida must be aware of the poor work conditions but appear not to care. Numerous attorneys, which have been let go, have written letters to executive management outlining the terrible work conditions of the Omaha Claims Center. A letter was distributed in the Company’s parking garage concerning an allegation of sexual harassment. However, employees were scared to acknowledge that they even seen the letter for fear of losing their job. The Company never addressed said letter.
The claim center is also reactive and appears to have no proactive planning. Directives and demands are constantly sent out changing procedure and how matters are substantively handled. As much as it changes, it appears that management is constantly having knee jerk reactions to specific claims. I cannot imagine how an industry leader does not by this point in time of the tenure of the Company have established procedure in place for claims.
Furthermore, at times I felt as the Company was coming very close to crossing the line of good faith and dealing with the insureds. This was based upon the work load that was placed upon attorneys resulting in attorneys being unable to comply with local insurance laws concerning the amount of contact the Company was to have with its insureds, loss payments being made timely, etc.
Another negative factor is that the claim center's reputation in the legal community is horrible. The local bar association made fun of FNTG at an annual ball. It is embarrassing to tell people in the legal community that you are employed at Fidelity National Title Insurance Group.

Advice to Senior Management  To realize that constant layoffs and knee jerk reactionary changes negatively affect the productivity of employees. That leadership by fear is not an effective mechanism to create loyal and happy employees. And to establish a procedure to announce open positions in the Company and allow people to apply for them internally versus management just hiring their current buddy."

Note:  The bolding of the text above was done by me as it is the most applicable portion of this quote to this blog - but I found the entire review very helpful.