Monday, November 26, 2012

And the games go on and on and on

Well although my mother said if you cannot say something nice...........................

But she did not know what it was like to be represented as an insured by a company like Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.  It is getting to the point that I do not understand how the people who work for Fidelity can get up and look themselves in the mirror before going to work.  Or maybe they don't.

From my attorney to Fidelity:

"We had agreed to postpone the disclosure of experts until this Wednesday, but I received the disclosure of Fidelity from XXXXXXXX in the mail. I also finally received the documents by messenger, but there are many documents in this production which relate to foreclosures and properties in other states which are not relevant and some of the documents which are relevant have not been produced and I need all of these documents for my experts to review."

But here is where the game goes on ............  one of their experts if we chose to depose him charges $575 an hour for depositions.

And instead of sending the documents requested, they appear to have just copied a bunch of unrelated documents that are not relevant and not produce the ones that are.  So here is what Fidelity National Title Insurance Company has done on this claim:

  1. Opened the claim on my behalf.
  2. Determined it was a valid claim.
  3. Bounced me all over the country from claims office to claims office.
  4. Determined the claim was not valid, then determined it was.
  5. Hired an appraiser from Boise Idaho to appraise a Napa Valley property.
  6. Determined the value of the claim was $0.
  7. Sent me from claims counsel to claims counsel.
  8. Forced me to hire an attorney.
  9. Requested a mound of documents which I produced.
  10. Had a deposition of the person who verified their Answer scheduled but cancelled after we all went to Walnut Creek.
  11. Produced their documents weeks late and then sent red herrings or "forgot" the herrings completely.
  12. Made the claims counsels and appraiser not available due to distance and/or expense of producing them.
  13. Have chosen an absurdly expensive "expert" just to run up costs.
Obviously all they want to do is make my life as miserable as possible so that I will go away.