Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here is a good example of what Fidelity says...............

This was written by Claims Counsel #4 - isn't this disappointing?  It does not give me great confidence that this appraisal was done without bias considering that it is basically been decided before it was done that it would be lower in value and that I would complain about the amount being lower.

And I wonder whose interest Fidelity National Title Insurance Company is protecting ???????????

“XXXX and I decided that due to the DOI complaint, we should go ahead and get the DIV appraisal, which will likely be lower than what Bob already paid Zollinger based on “cost to cure” appraisal.  XXXX suggested if Zollinger complains about lower appraisal, we can then raise the issue of the foreclosure.”

BTW - I did let the bank foreclose on the property as the property proved to be unmarketable without the northern residential easement to Mt. Veeder Road.