Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Letter to my Fidelity National Title Escrow Officer

December 22, 2009

Dear XXXX,

I know that we have spoken about this very unfortunate situation many times.  Having worked together on literally dozens of escrows both on my own properties and those of my clients, I want to clearly say the future actions I am going to be force to take are no reflection on you or XXX in regards to the excellent escrow services and customer service you have always provided.  Through all of these transactions you were both ultimate professionals and through our association also became friends.

I know that you know that a private entrance to an 80 acre parcel overlooking the Napa Valley does not have a value of zero.  I believe that you really need to consider the ethics in stating that your company represents its clients as an insurance company.  I am including quotes taken directly for your (Fidelity's) website.  Being the honest person that I know you are- I do not see how you can sit across the desk from clients and tell them that your company is going to insure their interests in their property when clearly you now know that the claims department of Fidelity will intentionally delay and then finally not cover the interests in the property that you tell your clients that they have.

I believe that you should look at every single Prelim and tell your clients that in the event there is some errors made by your title department, Fidelity will not take any responsibility whatsoever for those errors and that they are wasting money insuring their title with Fidelity National Title.

I have found this entire situation to be unconscionable.