Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just getting angrier and angrier

The more I am thinking about this the angrier I am getting.  First, these documents were due on November 5th.  They arrived today - the 20th.

And my attorney started looking at the disc and asked me if I was ever sued by an attorney in Washington state about a property in Portland that was foreclosed on.  I cannot even imagine what this is about.  Unless as I said rather than send the documents asked for - they just arbitrarily grabbed papers and scanned them into this disc to make it difficult.  I think this is called red herrings- right?

It reminded me of one of the response letters from the appraiser from Boise Idaho.  He started rambling in the middle of the letter about the price per ton of red grapes in 2006.  Now although this may seem like a pertinent fact to include in an appraisal for a property in the Napa Valley - one does have to wonder what this has to do with loss of an easement in 2008 - especially since no grapes gave up their lives for the easement.

Perhaps tomorrow I will describe my Omaha steak analogy.