Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still No Documents from Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

So my attorney was gracious enough to give the attorney for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company a week's extension on producing the requested documents.  That extension was yesterday.  Still no documents nor any communication for Fidelity's attorney.

Am I surprised???
Is this standard procedure for the way Fidelity handles claims and lawsuits???
Are they just trying to hide something???

This also delays the deposition of the remaining (at least I think he is the only person still employed by Fidelity) Claims Counsel - as difficult as it is since this claim was transferred to Omaha Nebraska from Walnut Creek California.

Was this transfer made just to make it difficult????  It was impossible for me to meet with the person handling my claim due to the distance.  Now I wonder if this transfer to so far away was just to make pursuing a legitimate settlement of the claim difficult????