Monday, November 26, 2012

Fidelity National Title - Am I a Victim of Corporate Abuse

Am I a victim of corporate abuse?

I just hung up with my attorney and appraiser - basically second guessing the arguments that Fidelity National Title is going to make to justify their actions and a value of $0.

First, if the value was $0 why did they first do a cost to cure appraisal and determine that perfecting the prescriptive easement to Cavedale Road in Sonoma County could be valued at $3500?

Why did the first claims counsel offer to see about re-gaining the lost easements?

Why was I transferred all over the country?  Why from office to office and claims counsel to claims counsel?

Why did they not produce their documents in a timely fashion?  And why were are the documents requested not produced?

Why would they hire an appraiser from Boise Idaho?

Well we are trying to set up a meeting.  At this point in time the actual value of the loss is almost a moot point but rather how this was handled (or not) is more to the point.  And as my attorney pointed out - a jury might see me as a victim of this huge corporation that has done everything other than deal with the claim professionally.