Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Documents from Fidelity National Title Insurance say.......

Well - there appears to be many missing documents but still over 2000 pages of communication sent from Fidelity National Title.  It is an overwhelming amount of data to sort through but it appears from their claims forms that a lot of it is coming up with a legal "strategy" to not pay my claim.  I am just guessing at this but it seems to be standard in the forms.

The original Title Officer in Napa appears to have suffered from Alzheimer's and passed away and there are no original documents from our meeting other than the documents which I was given.

As I wade through the documents I am just going to post what Fidelity says in the documents so to start here is a quote from Claims Counsel #1 in Walnut Creek to the Title Officer who verified the problem:

"Could you please check to see if an owner's policy was issued? And if so, forward a copy to me? since she's trying to sell the property, and needs the claim resolved first. (and we apparently have a long professional history with her) I'm going to be sure to keep this on, or near, the front burner."

And this seems to be the final communication from him and apparently most of what occurred in Chicago does not exist either.

It truly makes me wonder how I went from the front burner to still fighting this battle more than four years later.