Monday, November 26, 2012

Is it Time to Give Up and Throw in the Towel?

I am tired.  I have been fighting this battle of trying to get Fidelity National Title to do the right thing and pay the claim that they opened on my behalf for over four years.

And when I was finally forced to hire an attorney and take the battle to court in hopes of getting them to act justly - I now understand that trying to pursue justice is really a matter of who has the most money to throw in the hat. We are now on the third attorney that Fidelity National Title has assigned to this case.

It is so apparent that they have the personnel and the money to make even getting heard a daunting task. They have the claims counsels and appraiser in other states.  Their "expert" witness are crazy expensive just to depose. They produce irrelevant documents and omit the ones asked for as part of the game.  And I think that it is only a game to them.  I am not a valued client - rather just an annoying bug that needs to be squashed.

All I have ever asked is to be treated fairly. Is it time to give up and lick my wounds and realize that one person cannot fight the insurance industry.  I cannot help but ask why I ever bothered to purchase title insurance - obviously it would not have made one bit of difference - as the title insurance from Fidelity National Title did not protect my investment.  Instead Fidelity has chosen to treat me in a way I would never treat a client of mine.