Friday, November 16, 2012

And the rudeness goes on......................

From my attorney to the attorney for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company:

"I have not received the documents and yet we have deadlines approaching and my expert will need to see these documents before finalizing any report."

It is amazing to me the rudeness and unprofessional behavior that is shown by a company of this size and reputation.

After the claim was filed on my behalf by their own title officer I was shuffled around, ignored, not communicated with and not listened to.

Their attorneys have allowed us to drive to Walnut Creek for a deposition knowing full well that the person who was suppose to be deposed not only was not there - but actually knew nothing about the claim even though he had "verified" the Answer to the Third Amended Complaint.

And now they do things like ten days after the date for producing documents send a blank disc and now we are still waiting for the documents.  As it is Friday - it can only be assumed that we might get them on Monday which will be two weeks past the date they were due.

So what are they trying to hide??????????????????