Saturday, January 26, 2013

Did Fidelity National Title Defend my Easements??

Well I guess this is a good one.  First Craig Donner said that he would then he was gone.  Adam Pinchuck did nothing.  A year into the claim Robert Q. Kelly apparently did have research done.  Perhaps you remember this:

Except that it was now a year after the loss was first discovered and a year of marketing the property was lost - and I did not from Robert Q. Kelly's letter understand that the easements were now valid.

But the one thing I can say is that no effort was made to let the neighbor's title company know that they were incorrect and to defend the validity of the easements.  Of course, before we received the documents neither my attorney nor I knew any of this.

And what is even more confusing is that Jeff Hansen continued on with another appraisal treating it as if the easements were still lost - which to me means that he also did not read nor understand the research that was done for Robert Q. Kelly as he did not seem to understand that the easements were now considered to be valid.

So confusing.......................valid or not valid????????