Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have to maintain my personal ethics

I just sent this email to my attorney taking what I felt was less than a tenth of what I felt that I was owed just on the loss I incurred - not to mention my time fighting to be insured - not to mention that Fidelity apparently never had the intention of actually paying for my actual loss.........................

I divided the small amount I would have received between my attorney and the two attorneys representing Fidelity National Title as bonuses for actually doing their jobs at least as I understood their jobs to be - to get me to give up the fight - which I did.  My hat is off to Mr. McNeely and Mr. Kunnes for a job well done - I was intimidated and convinced that even if I won - I would have lost.


I just signed and mailed the final letter from you. I changed the amount owed to me to $0 with three checks to be issued instead as follows:

$15,364.66 to Mr. Richard M. McNeely, Jr.
$15,364.66 to Mr. Edward Kunnes
$15,364.66 to you

The bonus to Mr. McNeely is for his introductory intimidaiting speech, to Mr. Kunnes for his, in my opinion, intimidating and negative comments during the conference and to you for all of the work you did. The one and only reason I agreed to the settlement was so that you would be paid for your time.

Had I not felt threatened and intimidated I would have walked out and taken nothing and as I still feel that Fidelity is completely and totally in the wrong and did not insure my interest in my real property - especially in light of the emails from Kelly, et al admitting that the easements were actually valid and the ones from Hansen that basically admitted that the entire process was not paying for my loss - it would be against my personal ethics to accept money under these circumstances from Fidelity National Title as they did not pay me for my loss nor compensate me for the time I spent attempting to get them to pay for my loss. I believe the only reason they agreed to pay anything was because of the emails that we were most likely accidently given.

If I had any idea of what it would be like to actually have a claim with Fidelity I would have never insured my property with Fidelity. And if I had any idea of what a lawsuit was like and the fact that it is impossible for an individual to fight a corporation - I would not have begun this process.

It is my goal at this point though to continue to blog about my experience with Fidelity National Title and to use this vehicle to inform my audience of the facts of my experience.

Thank you for all of your help.