Monday, January 21, 2013

Instructions to appraiser by Fidelity National Title??????

As I mentioned yesterday I was told by Robert Q. Kelly of Fidelity National Title that Jim Gibson from PGP Valuation in Boise Idaho was on Fidelity National Title's "approved appraisers" list.

Jim Gibson wrote the following to Robert Q. Kelly:

Jim Gibson then prepared an DIV appraisal using the "cost to cure" method as he mentions above valuing a prescriptive easement which I already had and used to Cavedale Road in Sonoma County to replace the lost easement to Mount Veeder Road in Napa County.  One can assume by his statement above that this was less than the difference of the "Before and After Value."

And yet when the second appraisal was done by Jim Gibson of Boise Idaho - the value of the loss or the Diminution in Value was now $0.

Per Mr. Gibson's email his preferred method of communication was via phone - but other than the above documents there are no phone logs nor any other written communication indicating what instructions were given to this appraiser from Fidelity National Title's "approved list."