Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notes, Records, Calendars and Daybooks of Fidelity National Title

In going through all of the documents that were provided by Fidelity National Title - there was one letter of mine (only two of three pages though) with hand written notes by Jeff Hansen, Claims Counsel for Fidelity National Title.  Other than this - I could not find any "notes", "records", "calendars" nor "daybooks" with any entries.

And yet there were emails, for example, that referred to phone conversations with the appraiser, Jim Gibson, from Boise Idaho.

So although I was always taught as a real estate broker to memorialize all phone conversations, for example, it appears that the attorneys who work as claims counsels for Fidelity National Title (Dennis Lucey, Adam Pinchuck, Robert Q. Kelly, Jeff Hansen, Jennifer Reeves, Ryan Forrest) take no notes, do not keep records, do not have calendars nor do they keep daybooks where them memorialize what is going on with a claim.  I find this fascinating. Either they have extraordinary memories - or they failed to produce their notes - or perhaps knowing that they will be asked for them - they really do not write anything down.