Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fidelity National Title has no office in Napa California

When this first came up - I thought that the attorney, Edward Kunnes, was implying that I was lying that I had gone to the office in Napa to meet with the Title Officer before purchasing the property.  Either that or I was losing my mind.  So I even went to Google Earth and captured this picture:

I felt that it was important that I state that I had gone to the Napa Office to review the easements to the property before I purchased the property originally and it was in reference to this meeting that it was stated that the "defendant" aka Fidelity National Title Insurance Company had no offices in Napa California.

Well I now know that as I have stated on so many things - this is a fine distinction that is made - but in the context of the lawsuit and finding out how I ended up without easements that I was told by a Fidelity National Title Officer that I had - I thought this was important.

And I feel that the attorney telling me that there was no office in Napa - was insulting.  I still wonder why he could not have just been honest and said "Fidelity National Title Insurance Company does not have an office in Napa- but you are not crazy - you did go to the Fidelity National Title Company there."  Instead I had to figure out the relationship between all of the various entities myself.

I just wonder why Fidelity could not deal with me a straightforward and honest way.  But I felt this way during the entire claims process.  I could not get the Claims Counsel to talk to me.  I felt that the volumes I wrote were not read.  I felt like Fidelity thought that I was an idiot.

So Fidelity says that "Responding Party has conducted a diligent search and a reasonable inquiry in an effort to comply with this demand."  So did the person writing this even bother to ask Mr. Edward Kunnes on what basis he made these statements?  And on what basis did he make them and why did he not bother to explain the difference between Fidelity National Title Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance?

The one thing I can definitely say is that I have no idea how to play this game.