Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why was my claim moved from Walnut Creek California to Chicago to Omaha?????

My claim was originally assigned to Dennis Lucey in Walnut Creek California which made total sense to me as it was close to the property - and also within driving distance for me.  And Mr. Lucey took the claim seriously and was going to keep the claim "on, or near, the front burner."

The next communication that I received was from Adam Pinchuck at the Fidelity National Title that I had been assigned to him in the Chicago office.  When I could not reach Mr. Pinchuck, I called Dennis Lucey who told me that I was now assigned to Robert Q. Kelly in the Omaha office of Fidelity.

Why?????  Why was I transferred from Dennis Lucey who considered by claim a priority to Chicago??

This is from a report in June of 2009 by Claims Counsel Robert Q. Kelly in Omaha.  So I did receive a letter from Dennis Lucey and was told by Irvine (California) that I was assigned to him.  And as, for example, the above email was in the claims file that was sent to us - why does Mr. Kelly say that there was no documentation from 10/15/09 to 12/30/09???  If that is the case how does he know that it was transferred to Chicago in November?  And why?  And as the above email supposedly came from the file - why does he say there is not documentation during that time period?

I do not know for a fact why I was transferred all from claims office to claims office and claims counsel to claims counsel.  I suspect though that it was a tactic to delay the processing of the claim and also to make deposing the claims counsel expensive as they were not physically available.  These are just my thoughts and they would address the issue of Bad Faith.

If Fidelity National Title's reasons for all of these transfers were because they had my best interest as the insured in mind - why would they not want to explain this?  I cannot imagine why these transfers would be a "trade secret"??????  I honestly do not know why I was transferred all over the place.