Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What makes documents of Fidelity National Title not relevant?????

Lee Grice was the first Title Officer for Fidelity National Title who was on the Preliminary Title Report that I was given prior to the purchase of the property.  When I requested a meeting with title to review all the Exclusive Use Easement and the other easements to the property listed as Parcels Two, Three, Four, Five and Six I went to the office of Fidelity National Title in Napa to meet.  It was at that meeting in approximately 2002 that I was provided with the parcel map showing the location of easements and the copies of the public records of those easements.  And Mr. Grice was the Title Officer again when the property was refinanced and Parcels Two through Five were included again in the Preliminary Title Report and again in the Grant Deed. 

As it was this meeting and the documents given to me and the research done to prepare those documents that led me to believe that I had two deeded easements that not only existed but were insured by Fidelity National Title - so in my opinion all of these documents are totally and completely relevant.  But also see the comments made in the document below:

(This is just a part of the entire document and is only the part as it pertains to these document requests.)  Obviously although incomplete apparently the file does exist.  And from my research Mr. Grice not only retired from Fidelity but per the Napa Valley Register has passed away.  Still it appears that the file became part of the claim file but it was not produced.

So there were apparently in the claims files emails (as in plural - more than one) from Craig Donner between 10-3-08 and 10-15-09 - that is covering more than a year.  None of these were produced that I could find other than on email noted below:

I never saw the email from Paul Anin mentioned above.  And the validity of Parcels Two, Three, Four and Five were completely and totally what the claim was about.  And Craig Donner not only researched it but was the person who opened the claim on my behalf.  How could any document he produced in relationship to these easements not be relevant??????

It does though make me wonder what happened to the documents that Robert Q. Kelly was referring to.  I thought when I prepared by documents for Fidelity National Title that if I failed to include anything including day book pages, phone logs, etc. - that I would minimally be struck by lightening.  As no one at Fidelity National Title has been stuck by lightening (at least to my knowledge) I guess my impression was incorrect.